Business Proposal Guide With Template for Service Providers

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Can't create a business proposal? Or would you like to know another structure and convert more? Maybe just have a base template to start with?

Do not you worry anymore!!

This PDF will guide you on how to create a business proposal. It's a completed template, you just need to create the pages explained here with your own content and design with a tool that allows you to create presentations. Like Figma, PowerPoint and others.

You will learn a new structure and know the reason of each pages, so you can easily adapt to some thing new.

The Problem

The problem that this content aims to solve is the fact that many new service provider entrepreneurs, even some already experienced ones, have difficulty in preparing a commercial proposal.

Imagine this small case, which could be yours:

Your client made contact with you, you had a meet with him and you clarified how you can help him and add value to his business. So he waits for a proposal. Here comes the little dilemma..

  • Should I just send a payment note or invoice?
  • How should I prepare the proposal?
  • Which pages are important in a proposal?
  • How should I structure in order to convert more?


This guide aims to help you develop a quality business proposal with a high conversion rate.

A complete template, you won't need to think anymore about which pages to add and how to structure them, all the key and support pages are already added and structured in a way that makes sense to your reader (client), shows your quality and value, persuasion and increasing the conversion rate.

You will only need to shape the template (pages) according to your business, service and information. And draw with some presentation design tool like Figma, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Google Presentation and others

Are you going to start a new project for your client? Never send just one payment note

  • Always prepare a commercial presentation for your client, a presentation made for that specific project/service with that client

This will demonstrate a certain level of maturity, quality and expertise to your customer. Standing out from the competition in a way.

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A guide that will help you close more deals. For you who are a freelancer or entrepreneur and would like to improve your presentations and start converting more.

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Business Proposal Guide With Template for Service Providers

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